Commissions &
 Commercial Work

My calendar for commissioning custom artwork is officially OPEN. I will be accepting a small handful of comission and commercial applications to add to my 2022.  Please note I am not accepting requests for original work in 2021 and these are now closed.

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Do you have any questions?

I've filled in the form, what now?

If you're accepted into my commission calendar, you will receive a phone call or email from from my studio assistant.  From 7 days of the initial contact, an invoice containing a non-refundable 35% deposit will be issued.

How much does a commission cost?

This is a variable question!  It depends on size, materials, time factors.  As a guide my comissions start at $2000 on average and take 6 to 8 weeks.

What happens during the commission process?

We will arrange a web meeting for me to gather requirements, and dive a little deeper into your floral concept.

After the initial meeting, I will create a digitally produced mock-up of the piece for your approval. 

Once agreed upon, I will begin the artwork and painting process! This will generally take 6-8 weeks. You will receive a final progress photo towards the end of the process for any final artwork adjustments. Once complete, I will submit a picture of the the final artwork!  Artwork will only be shared to social media at your request.

How does the artwork get to me?

Shipping is included in your comission piece.  I ship via Fedex express with insurance for peace of mind and worldwide shipping is avaliable.

What do you paint?

I create floral artwork based on impressionist and abstract styles.  Unfortunately I cannot create artwork of potraiture and other styles.

Do you accept commercial based work?

Yes, I work with brands to create commercial based work. I undertake commercial work on a similar basis to commissions following the process of initial consultations, digital mockups and completing the piece with any required changes. Dependent on the use, commercial works start on average from about $2000 and include the negotiation, drafting of a commercial licensing agreement.

Can I buy your prints for my commercial purposes?

Unfortunately, my prints and artwork cannot be purchased to be reproduced for commercial purposes nor can they be reproduced onto other mediums such as textiles or ceramics without permission. All commercial work need to go through a commission process.

If you wish to buy the rights to my artwork, this can be done on a case by case basis and it's recommended that you email me to enquire directly! :)