Framing an Uncommon Floral | Uncommon Florals

When purchasing an Uncommon Florals Art Print, I like to ensure my artwork is of a standard “A” size, which will fit most store-bought frames in Australia. I also include 50 x 70 dimensions for Ikea and European store frames. I like to ensure I oversize my artwork by 5mm on each size for a perfect fit.  

I can print my artwork to fit all frames and mats, so before you place an order and need a custom size, please get in touch with me!

If you’re planning on framing your artwork yourself, here are some steps to get started.

Measure your print to get an idea of the dimensions. Take a ruler or measuring tape and see how long your print is. Jot down this measurement, then repeat the same process by measuring the height of your artwork. Keep these dimensions in mind, so you don’t get a frame or matt that’s too large or small for your print.

Prints will follow a standard “A” size with a 5mm bleed.

Get a frame that’s larger than your print.

If you want to add a mat board or double mat, look for a frame that’s a size or so larger than the print you’re purchasing. When you display your print with a mat board, the mat takes up a lot of space within the frame, so give yourself several centimeters of wiggle room to work within.

Invest in a custom mat that fits around your print. 

Go into a Gallery framer or an art supply store for a mat that is larger than the dimensions of your print. Check that the dimensions of the mat can comfortably frame your print while providing a couple of inches or centimeters of white space around the side of your print. 

For really exact cuts, trim your mat with a sharp, fine cutting knife or blade.

For my artwork, white mats are recommended and use contrasting colours for a double mat finish, as this helps the artwork stand out more.

Tape the back of the print to the mat. 

Place the print face-down along the back of the mat, then secure it in place with several strips of acid-free tape. Place additional strips of tape as needed along the back edge of your print to hold it in place.

Acid-free tape won’t create any long-term damage to your print. Xpress tape can be purchased from stationery stores like Officeworks for a few dollars.

Attach the mat and print it to the back of the frame with tape. 

Place four sections of acid-free tape along the back of the mat, then secure it to the front of the frame backing. If your frame is huge, you may want to use several tape sections to get the job done.

For instance, you may want to stick 4 sections of tape along the corners of the print, as well as 1-2 sections in the center of the print.

Tape the back of the frame into place. 

Stack the mat and print on top of the frame backing, then place them face-down on the frame glass. Some frames may have screws or clamps that hold your frame in place—if your frame doesn’t have any of these mechanisms, use a couple of long strips of tape to keep the edges of the frame’s backing in place.

The thicker, more durable tape is best for this. You can ensure a smooth edge by creasing the center of the tape with a ruler.


    July 18, 2021 — Ann Penelope 'Annie' Gregory