Teddy, The Cat Behind My Art | Uncommon Florals

I open the roller door of my garage studio space, letting the bright winter light inside, casting beautiful shadows upon my area. It's time for a new day. I take a deep breath of crisp air, and as the tiny ice crystals tingle my nose, out runs little Teddy with such exuberance.  He slips on the icy ground and scrambles quickly back inside with his ears pointed back and tail shaped in a hook.

Teddy is a little bundle of joy. He is affectionate and adores cuddles, pats, and head rubs. Unlike my other cats, who I've rescued, he was adopted from a Burmese breeder in Geelong as a kitten, and from our first car trip home, he stuck to me like glue, becoming a fixture in my art space and everyday life.  

What kind of cat is Teddy?

Teddy is a Lilac point Burmese with big yellow eyes.

Is Teddy adventurous?

Teddy is very curious and loves to explore. He adapts well to new environments but is quite cautious and skittish until he feels comfortable. It took him a few weeks to beginning coming into my art space. In the mornings, he'll be exploring the shelves of paints, batting around paintbrushes and my pens, and by lunchtime, he spends most of his days napping in a box of clean rags and floor mats on my tallest shelf. On cold days you will find him snuggled up in his basket under my desk.  

cat art paintbrush

Does Teddy walk on a harness?

Yes, if we are in a new area where he is likely to be spooked, I put Teddy in his harness, which he is very used to wearing. I also use it to secure him in the car as he hates cat carriers.

How do you stop Teddy from running away?

Teddy and I sort of have an unspoken agreement. When I'm painting in outdoor locations, printing at my print hub, or if my studio space is completely open, he will always come back, and I will always wait for him. He rarely wanders away from my eye line. I don’t believe the bond we share is more significant than any other human/cat friendship; however, we are in a situation every day where we are reminded of that bond. We spend nearly 24/7 together, and we have gotten to know each other very well.

Teddy is the cat behind the art studio and my artistic companion.


July 18, 2021 — Ann Penelope 'Annie' Gregory